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Swimming pool repairs

We repair both marbelite and fibreglass lining in swimming pools. Fibreglass and marbelite crack repairs as well as fibreglass renovations are our specialities! We patch, repair and renovate swimming pool fibreglass linings as well as swimming pool fibreglass shells.

We paint fibreglass in white, sky blue and charcoal. Charcoal is more common in koi ponds or water features. Fibreglass forms a separate, waterproof shell or lining in any pool or pond and is very forgiving in terms of any structural movement therefore fibreglass is the preferred choice at Fornez Pools.

We only use pool specific fibreglass materials such as 450 g/m.sq fiberglass mat as opposed to 300 g/m.sq which some companies will use. 300 g/m.sq fiberglass mat is very thin and not very strong since it is designed for hobby work. 450 g/m.sq fibreglass mat is 50% more dense than the lesser quality 300 g.m.sq mat and therefore at least twice as strong!

At Fornez Pools we employ only the very best fiberglass specialists to do all our fiberglass renovations. Fiberglass, if done correctly, is the best lining to have in one's swimming pool since it doesn't stain as easily as marbelite and also is much easier to brush clean, especially if algae forms.

Call us right now and ensure that you use the right pool company for your fibreglass repair work or new fiberglass lining.

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