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Swimming pool renovations

Fibreglass linings:

Fibreglass pools are easy to keep clean and do not stain as easily as other types of swimming pool. For this reason it would be safe to say that a fibreglass pool is by far the best type of swimming pool to have.There are 2 densities of fibreglass available. Fibreglass mat is measured in grams per square meter. - 300 g/m. sq is used more for hobbies and repairs to motorcycle fairings, canoes, fishing kayaks, etc.- 450 g/m.sq is used for lining swimming pools and repairs to fibreglass pools as well as fibreglass tanks, etc.450 g/m.sq fibreglass mat is 1.5 times denser than the 300 g/m.sq mat and therefore 50% stronger. For this reason it is imperative that the pool contractor building or lining your swimming pool with fibreglass should use the 450 g/m.sq mat.

Marbelite linings:

Marblite is a cement based product commonly referred to as marble pool plaster. If marbelite is applied by a professional plasterer it can be quite smooth and look very neat. Unfortunately, not all plasterers are equal so it is imperative that the person applying the marble pool plaster knows what he is doing. Plastering a house or a building is not at all the same as plastering a pool since marblite and plaster are very different. Marblite comes in a wide range of colours but the rule of thumb is that white marbelite (non-pigented) is the base price and is substantially cheaper than any coloured (pigmented) marbelite. Sky blue marbelite is by far the most popular colour as it is a very rich blue colour and it is not very much more expensive than white but then the different shades of blue marbelite such as Pacific Blue, Moroccan Blue, Sea Glass, Marine Blue, etc. cost substantially more per 40Kg bag than the white and even more than Sky Blue.

We only use Cemcrete marbelite as it is honestly the best marbelite on the market in South Africa. Cemcrete marblite has been used in South Africa for many more years than any other brand and it is therefore the most trusted product in the pool industry. They also make use of superior colour enhancers and therefore don't require additives such as some other brands need.

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