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Specialized pool leak detection

We offer professional pool leak detection services as well as pool leak repairs. This is done using diagnostic equipment by pressurizing the relevant pipe (either the suction or return pipe) using tracer gas and using a digital "sniffer" to establish the general area in which the leak will be found. In extreme cases, we can use a specialized acoustic listening device (basically a digital stethophone) to listen for vibrations resulting from the pressurized tracer gas being forced out through the crack/hole in the pipe. Leak detection helps locate leaks which in turn helps to reduce the digging and lifting of paving, grass and plants. Leak detection also helps reduce the cost of repairing the leak since it hones in on the exact location of the leak.

Leak detection is actually called "Mono leak detection". Since we're working with pressure it is only really possible to locate the biggest hole in the case of a piping system that has multiple leaks. Physics prevents us from detecting smaller leaks due to the pressure and/or gas escaping at the biggest hole or crack and therefore the smaller holes or leaks will not be detectable on the first round of leak detection. Due to our many years of experience we know this is often the case and so at Fornez Pools we go by a rule of thumb that states that if more than 1 leak is found on the first round of leak detection we automatically recommend that the pipe in question be replaced in its entirety. There is always, of course, the possibility that there are multiple leaks on a piping system but that we only find the biggest one (remember, this is, after all, "Mono" leak detection) on the first try. In such cases we will assume that this is the only pool pipe leak on this piping system but after having repaired this leak the pool still leaks. In such cases it implies that there were either multiple leaks and they couldn't all be detected on the first try or possibly that the pressure was corrected in the line but that a new leak appeared since it was a weak point to begin with. Unfortunately, it is impossible to know if this leak was there before or if it is a new leak but a 2nd round of leak detection usually detects this/these additional leaks and then the problem gets solved.

Below are some pics of the type of highly specialized equipment that we use. Our equipment is accurate and our staff are very well trained and experienced. We also use an online quoting system that allows us to "typically" provide a repair quote on site to speed up the repair process. We understand that a leaking pool is a major issue and that it can cause further long term, costly damage to pools and also to foundations of nearby buildings, sink holes, etc.

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